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Fiberglass roving fibers are used as a flexible strength member. GOTEX S.A. offers these fibers in different ways:  Uncoated: fiberglass is wound on cardboard tubes, with exact amount of meters required by the Customers. In this way, unnecessary waste is avoided.  Coated fiberglass: Offers an improved tensile strength and has excellent surface finishing. It ...
Woven Tapes
Aramid woven tapes are designed and woven to protect cables against bullets (small caliber), and extreme climate changes. They reinforce and improve the resistance in extreme conditions. Fiberglass woven tapes are manufactured to protect against rodents and fire.
They are mainly applied in cables that are located in atmospheres where the cable is vulnerable to im...
Binders, Ripcords & FRP
Polyester yarns with low shrinkage are used mainly as cable-binder. We deliver the yarn firmly wound on a cardboard tube, under high pressure to allow the yarn to be processed with high-speed servers. We can also deliver these yarns dyed in color for identification purposes, or with water blocking additives.
Ripcords are twisted yarns, which unwind perfectly during use. We offer a wide variet...
GOTEX Reinforced Tapes
Our high performance products reinforce flexible risers and umbilical pipes and protect them from inner pressures, outer pressures and neutralize the effects caused by sea streams in deep-sea applications. These reinforced tapes are also used to reinforce and repair existing pipes.
Mica Tapes & PP Foamed Paper
Mica tapes are manufactured from heat resistant phlogopite mica paper or synthetic mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth or PE film as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a specially selected high temperature resistant silicon resin. They are widely used in power and control cables, instrumentation and signalling cables to protect against fire.
Polypropylene foamed paper (P...
There are new challenges in construction and design of technological materials, which need high performance products. We can assist in improving the original properties of any fiber or fabric.
Ballistics and Personal Protection (aramid technology)
Aramid fibers and woven tapes are designed and woven to protect cables against bullets (small caliber), and extreme climate changes. They reinforce the cable and improve the resistance in extreme conditions. 
From our experience in protecting cables, we are developing new ballistics products for new markets and aplications.
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